No more avoiding the phone calls from Creditors looking for money you cannot afford to repay.

We will take charge of your finances by completing an Insolvency Arrangement and assessing a commitment that you CAN afford to repay.

Cork Insolvency Centre has the team, the experience and the know how to put the correct Arrangement in place for you.

Do you have debts that you cannot pay?

You may be insolvent. Insolvency is defined as being unable to meet your repayments as they fall due.

Cork Insolvency Centre was established by John Butler QFA PIP.
John has over 30 years experience in the Financial Services Industry.
We have seen our clients through the good economic times and the not so good.
Thus the establishment of Cork Insolvency Centre.
We now want to be able to provide a service where we can help clients who are unable to meet their loans as they fall due.